Pulmostic BreathSense 1000

In clinical trials, Pulmostics’ patented BreathSense 1000 technology can detect breast cancer with 80% sensitivity.


Studies have shown that there are volatile organic compounds that are present in the breath of cancer patients compared to that of healthy patients.

Allows for full screening and diagnosis at point-of-care, meaning patients can be tested

The breath analysis approach aims to be non-invasive, accurate, cost-effective, and easy to use.

Bill Wittmeyer, who previously was the CEO of the leading vapor analysis firm (EST) and is the current CEO of Pulmostics Limited, is very familiar with the applications surrounding this technology

BreathSense 1000 Effect on Lung Cancer

BreathSense 1000 tests on lung cancer have shown 76% sensitivity

Lung cancer represents 11.4% of all cancers, but 25% of all cancer deaths.

Usually, lung cancer detection occurs when a patient presents symptoms, which, at that point, is already too advanced to have a good prognosis. The current methods for early detection are
unreliable, which factors into the death rate.

Unlike breast cancer, lung cancer does not have the proactive screening available that breast cancer does.

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